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    I offer high-end and low-cost web solutions to businesses of all sizes. I integrate your business goals with our technical capabilities to give you the competitive EDGE in your industry.



    I develop beautiful and functional websites for small, medium or large businesses. Your website is the first port of call for potential new customers and I create online experiences that convert browsers into customers.



    Bolder ideas, bigger results. From design to development to content management, we're here to deliver. It is my passion to ensure you build a digital presence that is aligned to your business.

    Let RM help you build a better digital presence for your business

    I’ll take care of your online marketing, from email marketing, branding, web design and development, to social media, graphic design and video editing.

    what I do.

    My Services

    1. Branding
    2. Social Media Marketing
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Web Design & Development

    5. Graphic Design
    6. Video Editing
    7. Landing Pages & Funnels
    8. Data Studio

    RM works in a Unique way

    Success is accomplished by sticking out rather than by blending in. Because of this, I foster a culture of creative business methods that produce excellent results.


    RM’s expertise is in unconventional ideas and approaches.


    I make digital marketing simple. Working with me is simple.


    Expect special, individualized care from us that is tailored to your needs.


    Focused and noticeable outcomes are delivered thanks to RM’s years of expertise.

    my CLIENTS.



    I work as an extension of your team

    Trust me as your digital partner and help you reach the audience that matters most.

    • STEP 1


      Through a series of onboarding questionnaires and a Zoom call, I learn about your brand and the goals you hope to achieve. Together, we brainstorm strategies and solutions to your target audience’s pain points. At the end of the session, you receive a detailed report that summarizes our findings – to ensure nothing was missed.

    • STEP 2

      Brand & Assets

      If you have branding already, I'll complete a brand audit to identify areas for improvement and help you pull it together so I have all the pieces I need to effectively complete the project (including fonts and logos, and other colours and visuals.) If not, I'll work with you to develop a shiny new brand from the ground up.

    • STEP 3

      User Experience

      In this stage, I present both the wireframes and the sitemap to you – which are both visual representations of what your site structure will look like – guiding us towards success. Here, we identify any issues that arise in terms of customer flow and your marketing funnel and rectify them before moving to the design phase of the digital marketing process.

    • STEP 4


      I work with your brand colours and graphics to bring your work to life, and showcase your offering to the world in a way that’s unique to you. At this point, there shouldn’t be too many surprises as we follow the wireframes carefully and implement our agreed-upon strategy for lead/sales conversions.

    • STEP 5


      After obtaining approval for the design, I proceed to the development phase, during which you will get a glimpse of the almost completed website. I also conduct an audit in collaboration with you to identify any necessary adjustments, fix issues related to responsiveness and accessibility, and address any functional bugs.

    • STEP 6

      Digital Marketing for Website

      In this phase, I focus on creating a comprehensive keyword strategy, optimizing your website and images for SEO, and configuring advanced analytics tools to monitor important metrics. I also conduct a site audit both before and after our work to evaluate your progress.

    • STEP 7


      After the website is launched, we conduct a final round of testing to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. Once this is completed, your website is ready to go! Many of my clients choose to continue with ongoing digital marketing activities and ongoing site maintenance at this stage.

    • STEP 8

      Ongoing Digital Marketing

      After your website goes live, I put in place tailored ongoing digital marketing strategies and site maintenance services to meet your unique objectives. These may include but are not limited to social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, and analytics reports.

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    No project is too small for me. I work with startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprise companies to provide high-end web solutions at low cost. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, share it with me.

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